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Winter is here! You know how snowflakes cover the streets and trees; how we have colder and darker evenings even though it's not 4 pm. It's at that time. Many things come in winter, like anxiety, low productivity, fatigue, and even stress. We want you to nourish your body and be motivated in this season.

 Self-care is essential for our emotional,  physical, and mental well-being. This is the reason we've compiled seven ways to make you feel relaxed and have positive feelings for yourself and others.

  • Light a scented candle

It would brighten up the room and make it all cosy and warm while you watch your favourite Netflix show with your loved ones. Some scented candles are also used for aromatherapy, i.e., they have healing properties. Our Nana Efua Neneh Candle, which contains bergamot essential oil to alleviate stress Jasmine oil to calm the mind. Our Adeola Candle creates a warm and cosy atmosphere with its fruity scents to soothe the mind and spirit. I keep a candle lit all day since the weather is so dreary


  •   Get a Journal

Write your thoughts and worries in a journal. This will help you to clear your head. I use my journal to track the highs and lows of my day, I also sometime plan out things like my meals for the week too


  • Moisturize and stay hydrated

It's winter, and the skin gets dry and flaky because of the low humidity and cold. Moisturize your skin regularly and drink enough water. Our  Oat & Chamomile Body Lotion is an excellent moisturizer that will leave your beautiful skin soft and silky. Also, use our Oat & Honey Intensive Hand Balm is a deeply hydrating mix that nourishes and prevent cracked hands. A portable balm is great for when your on the move and need to hydrate your hands

  •   Spend time with your loved ones

It is the perfect time to connect with your loved ones. Do an activity together, and if they're not around you, call them or have a video chat with them. W

  •   Exercise

Self-care does not only involve mental health. It also affects physical health. Sign up for the gym, take walks, do yoga, or you could work out at home.  Staying fit is very important to our health. I for one enjoy going on a walk, I sometimes call my friend whilst going on walk. Listen to some music - given that we are at home 24/7 with little change of scenery a walk can do a world of good

  •  Enjoy the Festive Season

Do things you enjoy doing– read a book, learn a skill, go out for events, go shopping, visit loved ones, play games, take pictures – to make this season memorable.

  • Don't overspend

As much as we want you to enjoy this season, we don't want you breaking the banks because this self-care ensures that you're happy during winter and more joyful after. Stay within your budget and enjoy this beautiful season.


We at Okiki Skincare want you to radiate positivity and have that self-care to uncover your radiant self.

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Oat And Dry skin: Why You Need To Add Oat To Your Skincare Routine

Oat And Dry skin: Why You Need To Add Oat To Your Skincare Routine

Oat, also known as Avena sativa, does not only make an excellent meal; it is also perfect for your dry skin. Oat has been used for centuries to keep the skin healthy and nourished. 

We added oat into our products to give you that healthy and beautiful skin because of oat's fantastic benefits. These products have 5- star reviews because of the tremendous results it has provided. With these products, you can bid your dry skin farewell.   

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Lateef Saka Okiki Skincare Review

Lateef provides an in-depth review of some of our most popular products and explains the benefit behind some of the ingredients.

Products mentioned: Kwame Face Cream, Al'Kudirat Liquid Soap, Gunpowder Soap, Gin & Tonic Soap

#blog #brandreview

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Black Owned Skincare Brands To Support

We were surprised to find out that Hanna Ibraheem, a Senior Beauty Editor for The Stylist featured us in her list of black-owned brands to support today and always. It was a shock to be featured in such a well-known magazine. Okiki Skincare has been operating for four years predominantly through attending market stalls such as Ally Pally and Wanstead. But due to COVID we had to transition online which was a daunting process and we did not think we would gain much recognition so being featured on a list of brands to follow is very much a big deal to us!

Check out the link below to find some amazing black owned skincare brands to support

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ITV's This Morning Lust List Feature

Our Nana Yaa Serwah Candle was featured on ITV's This Morning Lust List and we immediately sold out!

Shopping editor Nana Acheampong is back with the Lust List on ITV’s This Morning Britain’s well-loved morning show. Nana gave a great many reasons why this our scented soy wax candle by Okiki skincare should be part of your shopping list and a staple for this summer. Our candles sold out within minutes and were featured amongst well-known businesses such as Jo Loves and Oliver Bonas (a massive feat).

Our Nana Yaa Serwah candle has everyone talking and is a customer favourite. This candle is a blend of caramelised amber, spice pink peppercorn and patchouli making for a gorgeous and entrancing scent. All wrapped in a good for the earth eco-friendly soy wax base with a crackling wood wick. To top it off we donate £1 for every candle sold to One Tree Planted in Ghana

Check out the segment below


#ITVLustlist #NanaYaaSerwah

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Beautyfolio Blog On Our Brand

OKIKI Natural Skincare Brand Introduction


Okiki Skincare is a UK natural beauty brand with vegetarian ingredients that are kind to all skin types. There is a wide-range of Okiki products from haircare, skincare, soaps, and candles. All are purely handmade and combine a rich heritage of Yoruba and Ghanaian derivations.

Okiki skincare brand started in 2016 with combined efforts by mother and daughter who both share a passion for beauty and skincare. The startup was inspired by Antonia's mom, a skin and hair care enthusiast, she made natural soap as a hobby and to past time. On realizing the uniqueness of her products and how it can benefit others, Antonia and her mother launched their brand. Top of Okiki's best-selling list is the Nana Yaa Serwah Soy Wax Candle. The sweet scent relaxation candle has a name that translates as a female born on Thursday.

#blog #brandreview

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