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Spiritual Zest Set Candle Gift Set



Our Spiritual Zest 3-piece gift set is the perfect blend of warm and zesty notes that fill the room with a relaxing rejuvenating aroma. This set features our Esu (Limited Edition), Tayewo and Adeola candles that unlock a sensational marriage of fruity and orchard scents that transports you to tranquillity.

The gift set contains 3 mini candles weighing 120g each.

  • Esu (Limited Edition), Tayewo and Adeola 

Esu: The perfect candle for Autumn with scents of cinnamon, clove and frankincense. Replenish the mind with the pleasures of an ancient ritual by lighting this beautifully scented handcrafted candle made with natural soy wax and the beautiful aroma of essential oils. We use a sumptuous blend of 10 essential oils to fill the room with a relaxing ambience, accompanied with a crackling wood wick that will conjure images of a real crackling fireplace. With our blend of autumn, earthy, and grounding essential oils

Táyéwò (Taste the World Candle): Is a fantastic celebration of the world’s flavours and aromas that will revitalise as you take in its magical natural fragrance. The blend of fruity notes includes citrus and orchard fruits that will enliven and awaken the senses, while the heady zesty and spicy notes give a beautiful balance to the aroma.

Adeola (The Crown of Wealth): Create a cosy and warm atmosphere to renew your soul with Adeola Candle from Okiki. We understand that being at one with nature is a wonderfully spiritual tonic, and you can get closer to nature in your own home thanks to the wonderful marriage of bamboo and mint fragrance oils and well as a blend of fruity citrus and orchard scents with some zesty and creamy notes that will create a zen of calm.

Please note the candle snuffer is not included

How to use Okiki Candles

When you light an Okiki candle, allow it to burn until the wax has melted all the way to the edge to prevent a tunnelling effect leaving hard wax around the jar. This also maximises the beautiful scent that is released as the wax melts.

We highly recommend that you trim the wick each time you light an Okiki candle to around half a centimetre, as this will allow the candle to burn brighter and can prevent the wick from becoming deformed. Of course, ensure that candles are kept out of reach of children and textiles!