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Relaxation & Pamper Gift Set

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Our Relaxation and Pamper 3-piece gift set includes a full-sized Body Scrub (Organic Green Tea, Aloe & Guava) that removes old skin cells leaving skin radiant, whilst our Serenity Bath Salt with Rose oil helps you unwind with a beautifully soothing aroma. The Exotic Face Mask will complete the incredibly relaxing scene

The gift set contains:

  • Full-Size Body Scrub (Organic Green Tea, Aloe & Guava Body Scrub)
  • 250g Serenity Bath Salt
  • 50g Exotic Face Mask

Full-Size Body Scrub: For more beautiful looking skin, the Organic Green Tea, Cucumber and Aloe Sugar Scrub is the perfect tool. This sugar scrub helps to remove old skin cells, excess dirt and oil from the skin leaving it glowing and radiant for a more youthful look. We use natural ingredients including cucumber and aloe to help soothe the skin, and organic matcha green tea packed with antioxidants which are renowned for their powerful anti-ageing effects and exfoliating property.  So look forward to your younger and smoother looking skin with our luxury Organic Green Tea, Cucumber and Aloe Scrub!

Serenity Bath Salt: Made using a beautiful natural blend of Himalayan, Red Sea, Dead Sea and Epsom salts, this opulent bath salt is filled with revitalising nutrients that will balance and cleanse the skin while deeply hydrating and uplifting for a smooth and silky feel to your complexion. You can relax and unwind with its wonderful aroma, made up of Blue Mallow petal, Rose oil and Frankincense oil. The Frankincense helps to protect the skin too, and you’ll be amazed at how radiant you look with younger-looking, refresh and supple skin! 

Exotic Face Mask: 

The perfect addition to your pamper routine. Our Exotic Face Mask contains Mango Extract which will exfoliate and reduce inflammation whilst moisturising and promoting skin health, while the Banana Extract is filled with antiaging properties and restores damaged skin, the Cucumber Extract soothes and acts as a protective barrier.