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Nana Yaa Serwah Diffuser

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As seen on ITV's This Morning Lust List, The Nana Yaa Serwah Candle now comes as a diffuser! An evocative and alluring diffuser to lure you into a spiritual fragrant experience that will stay with you. The name of this diffuser is a tribute to our Ghanaian heritage and means ‘female born on a Thursday’ and it is a powerful indulgent musk delight, with caramelised amber and honey-sweet white musk embedded in spiced pink peppercorn and with middle notes of warm patchouli. This offers a beautifully feminine scent making it a wonderful choice for your bedroom or living room, an amazing refreshing and light scent. 

Our diffusers weigh between 100ml and will last around 10-12 weeks

How to use Okiki Diffusers

Our diffuser comes with lovely flower reed sticks, to use open the diffuser bottle and add the reeds to the bottle. Give the reeds a few minutes to absorb the fragrance of the diffuser oil and relax. The bottle comes with a stopper so you can easily put up the diffuser