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ÒsanyÍn Candle Gift Set

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Inspired by the Yoruba God of Healing, ÒsanyÍn he has the power to heal people through natural methods, such as herbs and plants. These three scents are a representation of the power of nature surrounding us and are crafted together to aid relaxation

The candle gift set contains 3 small candles each weighing 130g, with a total burn time of 105 hours

  • Adeola
  • Nana Ataa Antobro
  • Esu

How to use Okiki Candles

When you light an Okiki candle, allow it to burn until the wax has melted all the way to the edge to prevent a tunnelling effect leaving hard wax around the jar. This also maximises the beautiful scent that is released as the wax melts.

We highly recommend that you trim the wick each time you light an Okiki candle to around half a centimetre, as this will allow the candle to burn brighter and can prevent the wick from becoming deformed. Of course, ensure that candles are kept out of reach of children and textiles!