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Our Top Self-Care Tips to Help Combat Seasonal Depression

Our Top Self-Care Tips to Help Combat Seasonal Depression

As we get closer and closer to the festive season, we know that many of you are in your element, but we also understand that the changing of seasons is not for everyone... I don’t think that there is any denying that autumn can make us a little lonely and sad as the days get shorter and the nights get colder, so we’re here to help you combat your summer blues and give you our top tips to help get rid of your seasonal depression.

Although we have lots of little tips for you, our main tip is to always put your mind and body first in every situation. If you’re not feeling 100%, focus on you – because that’s always where self-care starts, and it can make a world of difference.


  1. Run a bubble bath

So, our first tip, as generic as it may be, is to run yourself a bubble bath. One of my favourite feelings in the world is getting into a hot bubble bath after a long day working. It really helps to de-stress my mind and allows me to switch off from reality for a little bit. Using bath salts can also help to relax your muscles and help you wind down before bed too.


  1. Light a candle

What better way to brighten up your day other than lighting your favourite candle? After the pandemic, we know a lot of our customers will be working from home for the foreseeable, so this is a great way to help you concentrate when the weather is miserable outside. I love lighting a candle when working, reading, and even when I am carrying out simple house chores as it gives me a sense of relaxation and calmness that I often require when my stress is running so high.


  1. Get some natural sunlight

It’s starting to get darker much earlier now, and we know for those of you who work full time, getting out in the fresh air can be hard and can almost feel impossible. Although the weather may also not be very inviting, breathing in fresh air can be extremely good for our soul, and most of us don’t realise this until we experience it. It’s a simple tip but scheduling in half an hour on your lunch break to get outside and soak in some autumnal natural sunlight can work wonders for all of us.


  1. Find time for exercise

Now we’re not saying this is a must every single day of the week, and we’re also not saying you must run marathons or do a two-hour session at the gym every day, all we mean by this is some light walking or simple yoga to get your body moving. I often follow YouTube videos myself for yoga or pilates tutorials and I really find that this automatically lifts my mood, especially if I carry out the activity in the morning before my busy day ahead.


  1. Hydrate yourself

Our final tip, and one of our most important tips is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the whole day. Many of us make an effort to stay hydrated in the summer when we have a spell of warmer weather but can fall victim to forgetting to hydrate ourselves as much in the autumn. Aiming to drink 2 litres of water every day will ensure you feel awake throughout the day and will make your days more productive, and consequently less stressful.


Following these tips will help you become the best version of yourself, and as a result help you fight off that inevitable seasonal depression that we all experience at some point in our lives…

You can check out our self-care TikTok here for even more inspiration, and to help you live your best life this autumn!


Lydia Hargreaves

Social Media and Marketing Intern at Okiki Skincare

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