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New Year, New Self Care Routine

New Year, New Self Care Routine

The Christmas rush is finally over. The stress of buying everyone’s presents is gone and the New Year’s resolutions are now in full swing.

It’s easy to forget yourself during Christmas, whilst everyone else comes first. But we want to get you back on track and make yourself a priority.

Whether you’re taking part in Dry Jan or planning on hibernating for the rest of winter (like us), we’re going to share our best self-care heroes that are going to make you feel your best this season.

A lot of us get to January and feel like we need a huge detox. Know what we’re talking about?

Maybe you’re starting the gym. Starting a new diet. Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a new product to detox your skin. We’ve all be there, and with a million solutions on the internet, we hope our top tips offer a hassle-free solution to a happy and healthy New Year, New You.

If you’ve done your fair share of partying this festive period, your skin might be crying out for a full detox. Face masks are a great place to start. Our Gigi Face Mask uses 100% natural ingredients to leave your complexion feeling renewed and rebalanced. Using a combination of Bentonite Clay, Seaweed Powder and Ylang Ylang, this vegan-friendly product is perfect if you’re taking part in Veganuary too.

Nothing helps you feel more like yourself, than a luxurious long hot soak in the bath and a full self-care evening. Our Lolu Bath Salts recently won The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award for the ‘Best Buy’ of 2022! Offering maximum hydration for your skin, this lovely concoction of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Jasmine is perfect to get you back on track and feeling on top form in no time.

If you’re participating in Dry Jan this January, did you know we have a Gin and Tonic range of products, as well as Whisky, Honey and Sweet Orange? Curing your cravings without the hangover is very appealing, and these products will offer you a multitude of skin benefits too… What’s not to love!

Finally, Veganuary is a very popular event at the start of the year that many get involved with. If you’re striving for a more sustainable lifestyle, why not give our recent blog post a read to understand why you should make that switch to our nourishing soap bars for not only yourself, but our planet too.

We wish you all a wonderful start to 2023!

Don’t forget to keep up to date with all things Okiki by joining us on Instagram and TikTok @okikiskincare.

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A Note for 2022: Just Do You.

A Note for 2022: Just Do You.

Out with the old, in with the new. At the start of a new year, our attention seems to instantly (after shaking off the post-Christmas slump, of course!) turn to the matters of self-improvement, diets, dry Jan, digital detoxes – and well, the list could go on and on. Some find this motivating; others find it depressing… rightly so.

But at Okiki, we don’t want you to feel guilty if you happen to have overindulged over Christmas, or if you’ve broken your New Year’s Resolutions already – because let’s face it, it’s called being a normal human being.

We do, however, want to help you start 2022 off on the right note, in the best mental state possible – feeling the best you can. So, keep reading to find out the ingredients that will be helping us feel good in 2022.


Less Stress, More Chill

The past two years have been pretty chaotic to say the least, despite most of us being confined to our houses – a lot has gone on. In 2022, we will be stressing less, and relaxing more. Taking time out to find a skincare routine that works for us, lighting our Nana Yaa Serwah or Okikiola candle on an evening to brighten up the gloomy days, or just reading a few pages of our favourite book (currently rereading Gone Girl). We will be making a conscious effort to do more of what we love.


Starting Veganuary?

Veganism is a healthy and ethical lifestyle choice that holds an abundance of benefits for our bodies. With dairy consumption thought to be associated with acne, ditching this in 2022 might be extremely beneficial for those of you with acne-prone skin – so far, we’ve switched to oat milk in our household and it’s going pretty well. Leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds are all rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals which can help the skin to balance and fight breakouts. If you’re also looking to extend Veganuary to your skincare, we recommend trying out our Extreme Wake Up Soap and Amelia Face Cream to kickstart your day, and securing our Nana Efua Neneh Candle to help warm you up on those bitterly cold winter nights.


Spending time with family and friends

Something many of us haven’t been able to do for the past 48 months – and it’s made us forget how special time is spent with loved ones. We will be making more of an effort to be present even when we can’t be in real life. We often get sucked into spending too much time on our phones – so this is your reminder to give that family member a call (that you’ve been meaning to do for the past week), because we guarantee it’ll leave you with a smile on your face.  


Our main note to you for 2022 though, is to remember to do what makes YOU happy this year, because good things will automatically follow.

Love, Okiki x

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Our Top Self-Care Tips to Help Combat Seasonal Depression

Our Top Self-Care Tips to Help Combat Seasonal Depression

As we get closer and closer to the festive season, we know that many of you are in your element, but we also understand that the changing of seasons is not for everyone... I don’t think that there is any denying that autumn can make us a little lonely and sad as the days get shorter and the nights get colder, so we’re here to help you combat your summer blues and give you our top tips to help get rid of your seasonal depression.

Although we have lots of little tips for you, our main tip is to always put your mind and body first in every situation. If you’re not feeling 100%, focus on you – because that’s always where self-care starts, and it can make a world of difference.


  1. Run a bubble bath

So, our first tip, as generic as it may be, is to run yourself a bubble bath. One of my favourite feelings in the world is getting into a hot bubble bath after a long day working. It really helps to de-stress my mind and allows me to switch off from reality for a little bit. Using bath salts can also help to relax your muscles and help you wind down before bed too.


  1. Light a candle

What better way to brighten up your day other than lighting your favourite candle? After the pandemic, we know a lot of our customers will be working from home for the foreseeable, so this is a great way to help you concentrate when the weather is miserable outside. I love lighting a candle when working, reading, and even when I am carrying out simple house chores as it gives me a sense of relaxation and calmness that I often require when my stress is running so high.


  1. Get some natural sunlight

It’s starting to get darker much earlier now, and we know for those of you who work full time, getting out in the fresh air can be hard and can almost feel impossible. Although the weather may also not be very inviting, breathing in fresh air can be extremely good for our soul, and most of us don’t realise this until we experience it. It’s a simple tip but scheduling in half an hour on your lunch break to get outside and soak in some autumnal natural sunlight can work wonders for all of us.


  1. Find time for exercise

Now we’re not saying this is a must every single day of the week, and we’re also not saying you must run marathons or do a two-hour session at the gym every day, all we mean by this is some light walking or simple yoga to get your body moving. I often follow YouTube videos myself for yoga or pilates tutorials and I really find that this automatically lifts my mood, especially if I carry out the activity in the morning before my busy day ahead.


  1. Hydrate yourself

Our final tip, and one of our most important tips is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the whole day. Many of us make an effort to stay hydrated in the summer when we have a spell of warmer weather but can fall victim to forgetting to hydrate ourselves as much in the autumn. Aiming to drink 2 litres of water every day will ensure you feel awake throughout the day and will make your days more productive, and consequently less stressful.


Following these tips will help you become the best version of yourself, and as a result help you fight off that inevitable seasonal depression that we all experience at some point in our lives…

You can check out our self-care TikTok here for even more inspiration, and to help you live your best life this autumn!


Lydia Hargreaves

Social Media and Marketing Intern at Okiki Skincare

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Students & Self Care Lovers, This One Is For You…

Students & Self Care Lovers, This One Is For You…

September’s here and we’re here to help you find the perfect ‘Back to Uni’ bundle. We want to offer you some of our best university tips and tricks to make sure you feel at home in your new student abode.

Our first tip when it comes to tackling university is to always remember to be kind to yourself. Whether this means turning a night out down, spending a little time by yourself or taking a break from overworking, remember to always put yourself first! Be kind to your skin, mind and body and we promise you you’ll feel more positive about everything else.

Following on from this, we all know that sleep at uni is like gold dust. To ensure you are sleeping the best when you get chance to, invest in products with ingredients like chamomile in – such as our Oat and Chamomile Body Lotion. Chamomile has natural calming effects and is great to reduce anxiety and initiate sleep – two things that might be on your mind whilst at university…

We’d also recommend sticking to a budget at university – but don’t forget to put a little aside to enjoy yourself! At the end of the day, you’re only there once and it’s an experience of a lifetime so stick to your budget as much as possible and save some money to put towards social events.

Homesickness can hit you like a train at uni, especially in the first few weeks. We suggest taking sentimental items that remind you of home or incorporating familiar homely scents into your new accommodation. We have a total of 12 candle scents at Okiki and most are ideal to indulge in when you’re feeling a little low.

Lastly, we recommend staying true to yourself. It’s hard to know if the course at university is going to be for you or not, so if you end up hating it once you get there, there is no shame in that – it’s not your fault! Speak up – talk to friends, family, and tutors to ensure you find the right course and path for you. I, myself, dropped out of university the first time around, and thank goodness I did because I am now on my dream course, and I couldn’t be happier. Always listen to your gut!

As the next few months are full of new opportunities for a lot of us, we want to ensure that everyone is looking after themselves – therefore, we are offering an exclusive ‘Back to Uni’ self-care bundle for just £40! The bundle is completely unique and individual as you are able to choose all of your own scents, but the deal itself includes one 150ml body lotion, a face mask powder and one of our delightful Okiki candles – meaning you’re getting a £5 discount - yay! Of course, this offer is not just exclusive to students so if you’re a lover of self-care and pamper nights, why not treat yourself to this bundle in time for the colder months ahead?

For those that are heading off to university in September, remember to keep checking up on yourself and have a great time! If you would like to purchase our ‘Back to Uni’ self-care bundle, then all you have to do is add your favourite lotion, face mask and candle to your cart and voila!

Here’s to new opportunities and a whole lot of self-care!


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The Benefits of Using Face Mask Powders

The Benefits of Using Face Mask Powders
Running a bath, pouring a glass of wine and relaxing whilst reading one of your favourite books sounds like a pretty good night, right? Now imagine it with a cooling face mask on… even better? The thing we love most about our face mask powders that Ade (founder of Okiki) formulates is that you have complete control of how you would like to use them. The powders are so versatile and easy to use, plus they’re all palm oil free. There is an Okiki face mask powder for everyone regardless of your skin type, and they are all unisex too, of course!... Continue reading

Our Top 5 Okiki Products to Help You Relax This Summer

Our Top 5 Okiki Products to Help You Relax This Summer
After a strange and unpredictable year, we all deserve a little self-care in our lives. The phrases self-care and wellness, however, can often be thrown around and their original meaning in the past have sometimes become opaque. The world in which we now live in, constantly expects you to be plugged in, so being able to find moments of comfort and calm amongst chaos, could well and truly be counted as one of life’s little luxuries. We hope that all our customers take time to protect their peace and learn to embrace solitude this summer, and we want you to know that we are here with you every step of the way. Continue reading



Winter is here! You know how snowflakes cover the streets and trees; how we have colder and darker evenings even though it's not 4 pm. It's at that time. Many things come in winter, like anxiety, low productivity, fatigue, and even stress. We want you to nourish your body and be motivated in this season.

 Self-care is essential for our emotional,  physical, and mental well-being. This is the reason we've compiled seven ways to make you feel relaxed and have positive feelings for yourself and others.

  • Light a scented candle

It would brighten up the room and make it all cosy and warm while you watch your favourite Netflix show with your loved ones. Some scented candles are also used for aromatherapy, i.e., they have healing properties. Our Nana Efua Neneh Candle, which contains bergamot essential oil to alleviate stress Jasmine oil to calm the mind. Our Adeola Candle creates a warm and cosy atmosphere with its fruity scents to soothe the mind and spirit. I keep a candle lit all day since the weather is so dreary


  •   Get a Journal

Write your thoughts and worries in a journal. This will help you to clear your head. I use my journal to track the highs and lows of my day, I also sometime plan out things like my meals for the week too


  • Moisturize and stay hydrated

It's winter, and the skin gets dry and flaky because of the low humidity and cold. Moisturize your skin regularly and drink enough water. Our  Oat & Chamomile Body Lotion is an excellent moisturizer that will leave your beautiful skin soft and silky. Also, use our Oat & Honey Intensive Hand Balm is a deeply hydrating mix that nourishes and prevent cracked hands. A portable balm is great for when your on the move and need to hydrate your hands

  •   Spend time with your loved ones

It is the perfect time to connect with your loved ones. Do an activity together, and if they're not around you, call them or have a video chat with them. W

  •   Exercise

Self-care does not only involve mental health. It also affects physical health. Sign up for the gym, take walks, do yoga, or you could work out at home.  Staying fit is very important to our health. I for one enjoy going on a walk, I sometimes call my friend whilst going on walk. Listen to some music - given that we are at home 24/7 with little change of scenery a walk can do a world of good

  •  Enjoy the Festive Season

Do things you enjoy doing– read a book, learn a skill, go out for events, go shopping, visit loved ones, play games, take pictures – to make this season memorable.

  • Don't overspend

As much as we want you to enjoy this season, we don't want you breaking the banks because this self-care ensures that you're happy during winter and more joyful after. Stay within your budget and enjoy this beautiful season.


We at Okiki Skincare want you to radiate positivity and have that self-care to uncover your radiant self.

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Oat And Dry skin: Why You Need To Add Oat To Your Skincare Routine

Oat And Dry skin: Why You Need To Add Oat To Your Skincare Routine

Oat, also known as Avena sativa, does not only make an excellent meal; it is also perfect for your dry skin. Oat has been used for centuries to keep the skin healthy and nourished. 

We added oat into our products to give you that healthy and beautiful skin because of oat's fantastic benefits. These products have 5- star reviews because of the tremendous results it has provided. With these products, you can bid your dry skin farewell.   

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