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Here comes VALENTINE! It's that time of the month when we all feel the rhythm of love in the air! It is a celebration of love, for your friends, significant other, family or yourself. 

We have come up with a list of 4 Okiki products to gift for Valentine's Day, as nothing says I love you like some handmade products! 

 Morenikeji Scented Candle

“I have found my second half – I’m no longer alone” Another beautiful word native to the Yoruba language. Hearts and minds have been poured out in this to create these flawless scented candles that possess a rich blend mixture of spices such as clove, clementine, and nutmeg, on a base of amber and rose petals for the celebration of love. Its floral and fruit scent, is a marriage of two beautiful scent families, created to submerge you into a state of bliss as you unwind. Enjoying every moment with your dearest is something we will want you to have. It is wonderful to not be alone. If you can't be with your special someone or a loved one this Valentine's Day, gift them this beautiful, fragranced and unique candle.

 Bamidele Scented Candle

A native Yoruba name that interprets to mean 'Follow Me Home', or a loving way to say ' Come home with me'. In this Valentine, we want you to add to your tender and deepest moments with the one you love, dazzling with melodic rhythm and soft lights. What better way is there than our Bamidele Scented candles that give you the perfect atmosphere infused with natural ingredients possessing aroma therapeutic properties. This candle lasts sixty hours and is a great way to tell your special someone or friend that you cherish them. The crackling wood wick is great for putting your mind in a state of calmness and tranquillity. Its luxury scent is a great addition while taking a bath.

Lolu Bath Salt

As one of our best seller with amazing reviews, our Lolu Balt salts offers you a blend of unique premium ingredients such as Himalayan and Red Sea Salt and organic Dead Sea Salt which removes dead skin cells and toxins revealing the healthier skin beneath. Essential oils Lavender, and Ylang-ylang to keep your skin moisturised, revitalised, rejuvenated, and clean. A soak in this is perfect to relieve you during stressful periods and excellent while taking warm baths during the colder months.

Serenity Bath Salt

Also, a great present for that wonderful friend is our Serenity Bath Salt. Immersing yourself in this, will be the perfect substitute for a spa with real rose and blue mallow flowers. Cast off those worries and enjoy the best especially during this period with the Serenity Bath Salt. This bath salt is formulated to not just protect your skin but also to help your skin stay radiant, younger, and healthy. Containing Epsom salt, Blue Mallow petal, Rose oil, and Frankincense oil, you can be sure that you are soaking into nature's goodness feeling relaxed and lighter.

We at Okiki skincare want you to have an amazing and unforgettable experience this Valentine. Also, we want you to know that you can be your Valentine, you can enjoy these goodies with yourself and have that self-care to unleash your radiant self.



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